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What you need:
  • An image to upload (<1024px)
  • A printer (preferably laser)
  • A sheet of transparency
  • A laser pointer or LED
  1. Drag-and-Drop an image below or use the image uploader to upload an image.
  2. Click button to make Fresnel or Fraunhofer CGH. Be patient - computing can take a while.
  3. Right click on the images that show up below to download the hologram for printing.
  4. Print image on transparency & shine laser through it to see your hologram in action!

Important: Please read details about Fourier Transform Holograms & Fresnel Holograms on About page before making holograms. There are a lot of limitations and it would behoove you to understand what's going on under the hood. For instance, if you try to make a Fresnel hologram with too few pixels or too far away, the Fresnel Kernel will be aliased and your result will be garbage. Also, when making Fourier Transform holograms, keep in mind dimensions and distance required to go the the Fraunhofer regime.

Drop image here (or use button below to load)

What the...?

Have no idea what the heck this website is about? Think the images look neat but want to learn about the underlying science/math? Learn about how Scanimations and Moiré Images work!


Gallery. Check out the gallery. Oodles of Moiré images for you to peruse and use.


Everything on this site is free to use, and you're more than welcome to download and print your own Moiré images. However, should you feel the desire to help out a poor grad student or to bulk-order several of these as gifts for friends/children/students, I can help!